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MaskTouc is coming, not only with our dreams, but also with a lady's expectation, she is on the other side of the ocean.
The story starts from Ms. Valerie: She loves our product because it’s helping her overcome pain. Valerie suffers from hand weakness because of surgeries that she required in her twenties. This condition renders simple computer tasks like typing and mouse use long and painful ordeals. MaskTouch makes a difference because it’s interface uses natural motions, unlike a traditional keyboard, that put far less strain on her hands. Valerie being able to use her computer for work and entertainment pain-free.
Fortunately, Valerie found our product Zorro Macsk and became one of our users at an early stage.But unfortunately, Zorro Macsk was damaged unexpectedlyduring iMac's repair. As Zorro Macsk was a third-party product, Apple didn't coversuch damage. When she tried to purchaseanother, she could not find this product in the market any more. Without Zorro Macsk, her life fell into chaos again. And she ended up with sending us an email to ask how to get one with any channel.
Although it's just a short message from one of our customers, it inspires us into a deep thought: As a matter of fact, Zorro Macskwas a great product and itdid draw the media’s attention like, "engadget", "9to5mac", "macworld" and etc..But we have to take the fact that we are young entrepreneurial team, with limited experience in foreign markets and funds, which resultin low ROI, So the company has to plan to terminate Zorro Macsk. But Ms. Valerie needs our products, and also there are potentially tens of millions of iMac users looking for our products. For them, we can't give up.
Therefore, we continue to develop the third-generation products named MaskTouch, which supports 10-point touch. So you can touch with your two hands, or even make interactive multi-user touches, like drawing, playing the piano and playing games etc..It will bring you a better experience.
Indiegogo is the first leg of our re-sailing, on which platform we plan to launch on April 3, 2017. Your support is much appreciated and welcomed.The URL is: